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8 Times Jane Austen Nailed It

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Pride & PrejudicePride & Prejudice

Oh, Jane Austen. Who has not heard of this literary icon? Women idolize her timeless stories, as she is both a past and modern-day woman. We fall in love with her characters, as their personal development in life and love are realistic, rather than that of a fairytale. Apparently, some people do not share the same enthusiasm for Ms. Austen. I’ve seen many people squirm in their seats as I profess my adoration for her — apparently, she’s been branded the “chick-flick” of English Literature. Wait, what? Nicholas Sparks’ novels are “chicky”. Jodi Picoult (much love, girl) is in that category, too. Jane Austen, though? She is heavily misjudged, as each of her novels depict the near-impossibility of love for women deemed unworthy by 18th century society. Seriously- this woman nails it historically, as she touches on social class and the lack of options women had if…

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