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5 Differences Between Dating In Your Early 20’s Vs. Your Late 20’s

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Early-20s: He was giving me shit on iMessage about my taste in music and I totally burned him on how shitty his place is. That’s what I really like, you know? Someone who can take a good ball-busting and give it right back. I need someone that’s going to make fun of me. I’m a ridiculous person, you know? I need someone that gets that and doesn’t let me forget it and I need to be able to do the same to him.

Late-20s: There wasn’t a whole lot of back-and-forth actually. I was checking him out and I noticed he was checking me out, back. Then I just went up to him and was like, “Hey” and introduced myself… and that was basically it. I don’t even remember how to flirt. What’s the point? We both know what we’re getting at and don’t have time to dip…

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