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Behind the White Coat

Let me start by saying that I enjoy being a woman. I like dressing pretty. I like wearing skirts and high heels and lingerie. I like men opening doors for me or rising to stand when I arrive on the scene.

There are well established drawbacks for women in leadership, however.

For instance, I have heard over and over again that I have a reputation, even among people I have never met or worked with, for being demanding and difficult.

Truthfully, it used to really bother me. Lots of anxiety and depression.

What the hell is wrong with me for crying out loud?!??! Why can’t people I work with like me as much as my patients do?

I don’t yell at my staff or anyone else. I don’t call them names or belittle them. I don’t throw things. I don’t go looking for trouble, stirring things up.

But I work…

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