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The Flux of Revelation


You must go into isolation, into silence and solitude, where you can get a glimpse of your essence.

See that with regard to the phenomenal world you are the vessel and not that which is in the vessel. The world happens to you and before you. World is that which is continually experienced, but you are the experience itself. Being the vessel and of divine essence the phenomenal world is revealed to you according to your orientation and anticipation. The content takes the form of the container. If you consider yourself to be a mere psycho-physical entity in a meaningless cosmos, then that you shall be and live. If you see yourself as embodied spirit in the divine kingdom, then that you shall be and live.

SeeĀ that your instantaneous experience of the phenomenal world is itself an instance of revelation. This world, the world that includes all sciences and religionsā€¦

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