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Refusing the MMR vaccine or personalizing a vaccine schedule isn’t thoughtful it’s the opposite

Dr. Jen Gunter

The measles outbreak from Disneyland is a potent reminder of A) how infectious measles actually is and B) what happens when people don’t vaccinate.

However, despite a mountain of evidence that vaccination is safe and does not cause autism or immune dysfunction or really anything terrible at all people still refuse. I live in a county which is on the leading edge of this scientific ignorance, but we are not alone in Marin as there are several “very special” Bay Area counties when it comes to vaccines. Personal exemptions appeal to people here. After all, vaccines might be fine for your children, *sniff,* but mine are special. That people in these counties likely hold more post-graduate degrees per capita than elsewhere even makes it worse because the science that proves vaccine safety is not challenging. So it can’t be about the science, unless of course all the “research” came from…

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