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How I Learned to Stop Being Defensive and Embrace My Good Girl Image

Last week I overheard someone whisper to somebody else that I seem like a goody-two-shoes. I get that all the time.

It’s amazing how often people who barely know me feel compelled to say things like, “I bet your idea of a wild night is having one glass of wine and playing Scrabble,” or “You look like someone who is always in bed by nine.”

The implication is always the same: I seem tame, predictable, and boring.

And they could not be more wrong! I mean, okay, it’s true that I enjoy throwing down a mean game of Scrabble. But I don’t even like wine! I much prefer apple juice. And the hours after nine o’clock are my prime time for posting pictures of my cats to Facebook, reading young adult novels, and watching the Glee music video for “My Life Would Suck Without You” on repeat.

There are two…

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