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Scientist by Nature

Tenure, She Wrote

Some jobs are just jobs.  They don’t define you in any meaningful way.  When I worked various jobs at restaurants or clothing stores in college, I didn’t feel that it was part of who I was.  I didn’t identify wholeheartedly with being a waitress or a cashier.

Some jobs are more than that; it isn’t just what you do, it reflects part of who you are.  “Scientist” falls into this category.  Science isn’t just what you do when you are at work.  For many scientists, it becomes part or our identity, and our choice of becoming a scientist reflects something about our way of perceiving the world around us.  As children, we were the ones driven by curiosity to tinker, experiment, and try to solve all of the riddles we saw around us.

I took my scientist’s perception of the world for granted throughout my undergraduate and graduate education, having…

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