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I don’t want to do everything with my phone

On Empathy

It took me a long time to get an iPhone. I was smug about it. I remember looking at my friends with pity as they tapped app after app, checking and double-checking Facebook and Instagram and Foursquare (remember Foursquare?) I could never do that, I told myself. How does one become so addicted to something so silly?

Well, as we know from my Facebook addiction, that was a bunch of bull. (Did you really think I would stay off for more than four days?) And I do blame my iPhone, to a point. If I didn’t have this thing notifying me every time someone said something, and then making me anticipate those notifications, I probably wouldn’t think about that silly place nearly as much. I do like being able to do certain things in the palm of my hand: listen to a podcast, send an email, take photos, order…

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