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How To Drop Out Of College

Thought Catalog


Step One: Start early.

You’ll be conditioned to think smarter people are more successful. Think that from a young age. Convince yourself you’re ahead. Let lack of cleverness be an insult, a slur, Be offended when your brain isn’t your biggest attribute. Smile when people say you’re a bright child, and even though you aren’t old enough to have explored your ecological strengths, answer adults when they ask you what you want to be when you grow up.

Something smart. You want to be something smart. A doctor, maybe. Work at NASA. A scientist. President.

Before long you’ll be in high school. They’ll separate you into groups: the smart ones and the other ones who aren’t any less but they really are. You are so much better. Of course you are. Of course you are smart. Brilliant. Bright future.

They’ll say, “Things have been easy for you so…

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