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So…I mean…What IS Anthropology, Anyway?

Wow I loved that post. Now I know what and how to answer in a detailed manner when someone asks me.

sailing the tethys

I get it a lot. Not directly. But so often, people say things about my field and it makes me want to launch into a 45 minute lecture about exactly what anthropology is. If you’re an anthropologist, or have a background in anthropology that extends beyond seeing Indiana Jones, you probably know what I’m talking about.

If you know anthropology, you’re probably not going to be seeing anything new here. You might get a kick out of it. But really this is meant to be informative for someone who doesn’t know much about the science and are maybe interested, this might be a worthwhile read.

My favorite example was when I was at a dinner following a rehearsal for the wedding of a (two) very good friend/s. I’ve known my friend since…I think 6th or 7th grade. His wife is Filipina. I was leaving for field school shortly after the…

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