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Postmodernism, Foucault and Bourdieu

For A.

All the Little Worlds


In the 1960’s, the social sciences saw the ushering in of a school of thought that was thoroughly critical of earlier forms of theory and practice, that of postmodernism. Though neither theorists were formally schooled in anthropology, both Michel Foucault and Pierre Bourdieu are among a small handful of postmodern thinkers who have profoundly influenced the history and course of the discipline. Their theories have extended far beyond the academy and have been becoming increasingly incorporated into our understanding of society. It is with this essay that I hope to explore the works of the two major postmodern theorists and use snapshots of current U.S. events to illuminate how their theories are still relevant today and show how they can be used to think about seemingly self-evident or otherwise inconsequential goings on. I begin by defining modernism in order to better define and then later discuss postmodernism, and then…

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