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Things that Really Do Get Better in College

Just a Second More

By Veronica U-K.

Ok so let’s be honest, for most of us high school was not the best four years of our life. If you were like me, it was a pretty awkward, miserable point in your life…at least until the end (of course you finally enjoy it, as it ends!) Grrrr.

Anyways, here are some reasons why college is the point in your life, when things truly DO get better:

1. You MUST take full responsibility.
There is no teacher who knows your mom, or coach who played football with your cousin. You are at an entirely different place, where you do not know people who can pull you out of trouble need be.

Now, I know this sounds terrifying, but it’s actually super beneficial, because for once you must actually THINK: how do I solve this problem? And I can guarantee, all those “problem solving equations you did…

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