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I Am Enough (Spoken Word)

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I was never known for my patience,
Or my calming presence.
My eagerness spills out like the secrets I know I should probably keep
But I just never learned how to.
I grew up sharing too much,
Speaking too often,
Filling any gaps of silence with nervous rambling.
I’ve never been one to throw up, but this word vomit is becoming habitual.
Rewind conversations when I’m awake at 4 in the morning.
Why the fuck did I talk so much about sharks?
God, he’s going to think I have some weird shark fetish.
Great, now I can’t fall back asleep because I’m thinking about how much I fucking love sharks!

Being this neurotic, Jewish girl has become my costume.
Something I can toss on,
Dress it up,
Make it presentable, charming.
Maniac pixie dream girl disguise,
and never let you know just how deep the scars run.

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