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You Need Not Find A Remedy For Everything That Makes You Weak

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I was scrolling through some old posts on Facebook recently. No nostalgia involved initially. Just an attempt to clear the clutter in my digital space (I high recommend it), and perhaps delete embarrassing moments of expressed youthfulness. I saw a few gems that made me cringe. I screenshot and saved a few others. I guess at eighteen and nineteen and twenty years old, everyone thinks they are deep. Well, maybe not everyone.

But I’ve always been an expressive person, with a finesse for words above all. And somewhere between juvenile rants about inconsequential things, and humorous quips about giving up human rights and liberties for finance classes, I came across these words from 2009, “You need not find a remedy for everything that makes you weak.”

I wondered what was going on with me at the time. I wondered briefly what prompted those words. Sometimes it seems like college…

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