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Impact of Katie Couric’s misinformation on HPV vaccine in one image

Dr. Jen Gunter


After viewing Katie Couric’s show an acquaintance’s mother sent her this e-mail. Because many people believe the health information they see on TV, especially when it comes form a source like Couric who has been known, until this point anyway, as a trusted journalist.  

Kate’s Couric’s “take” was about as scientific as a show entitled, “Is the sun really hot? Evaluating both sides of the controversy so you can decide,” backed by two moms (one of whom runs a sun isn’t hot website and side business) who claim the coldness of the sun caused injury with no supporting data on why we should all believe that the sun is really a ball of ice. The expert who is trotted out to speak about the sun’s lack of heat uses incorrect data and completely side steps the main tag line about whether the sun’s ice really is damaging because…

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