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Looking Back

Glad to listen when the read is inspiring. Happy New Year 🙂 from a stranger reading your blog.

Behind the White Coat

Hey, you!



Some of you are starting to feel your hangovers from your celebrations last night. (Sorry, I haven’t got any great medical advice for mitigating your misery.) Some of you are readying your champagne glasses for toasts tonight. (Take heed of the sufferings of our friends in other time zones and use moderation, please!)

As we are looking forward to another new year I wanted to say thank you to everyone.

All of you.

Another blogger, Gennie of the Gentle Giraffe, reminded me of my very first blog post here the other day. Just Why. I remember sitting down to write it, overflowing with angst and frustration and not really having anywhere to take it. I was going to explode if I did not have an outlet.

Blogging saved me.

I told myself that I didn’t care if anyone else cared, if anyone else…

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