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Why Teachers Are Hot

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Mark Harmon in Summer School / ( Mark Harmon in Summer School / (

It’s the first day of class and you look up to see the personification of a manly/womanly unicorn of lusty professorial magic. There’s a social stigma attached to engaging in relationships with professors, and sure, maybe it’s not the most responsible course of action. However, I love to flirt, and it’s way more fun when there’s a little danger behind it. I don’t have the best willpower when it comes to resisting the urge to flirt with professors and I confess, I may visit office hours a little more frequently than what is deemed morally or socially appropriate. I also don’t give a damn. When I see a math professor whip out a complicated equation in his head while I’m still struggling with long division, it’s a huge turn-on.

I think it’s time we all just admit that professors are effing…

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