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True Motion of Solar System

Change in perspective…


First it was thought that sun and other planets rotate around the Earth, which is a very natural conclusion when we look at the sky. Then, it turned out that it is the sun that is at the center while all planets, including the earth rotate around the sun. It was observed that in the second model, the heliocentric model of solar system, the motion of planets become much more simpler than in the previous model, the geocentric model; in this new model planets rotate around the sun in elliptical orbits that obey simple laws, Kepler Laws. But with the advances in astronomy it turned out that the entire Solar System rotates around the black-hole at the center of Milky Way galaxy with the speed of 830,000 kilometers per hour. Thus, the heliocentric model in which the sun is at rest while planets rotate around it is really incorrect. Instead…

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