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Teacher Strengths: Individual and Universal

Absolutely fascinating read. Much thanks.
Favorite quote: “College doesn’t teach us how to teach. I sit in classrooms observing other teachers, and while we’re each unique in our strengths and styles, there are some universal skills we all share – and college courses didn’t cover those skill”.

Avoiding Neverland

Subbing in three different schools at once offers some unique insight into the teaching world.  I think I notice it more now because the three schools I’m in now vary so widely in size and demographic.  Between my observations of teachers in each setting and my conversations with my personal teacher friends, I’ve thought a lot about an individual teacher’s ability to do their job well.  What factors separate a good teacher from an average one?  What’s the balance between training, setting, and natural talent?  After letting these thoughts percolate for a few weeks (yes, I’m behind on my blog posting, I know), I’ve reached two conclusions.

1.  I’ve poured a lot of my focus into targeting and highlighting teenagers’ strengths as they enter young adulthood, but more and more I’m seeing that schools need to make better use of their own teachers’ strengths.  In some cases, schools need to…

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