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One Plan to Rule Them All

Refreshing read. Also considering the same thoughts about said “plan”. But life is what you make of it. Congratulate yourself for having made it this far. You’re a fighter. From an anonymous supporter. 🙂

Two Truths and a Lie

My name is Kathryn Ann Fitzmaurice. I am 25 years old, work a dead-end customer service job, am still working on my bachelor’s degree and yes, I live at home. I may sleep in my parents’ house in my childhood bedroom but in 2014, as the nation continues to recover from a crippling recession, the cost of education far outweighs its value in the workforce, and the largest percentage of 20-34 year olds are living with their parents since 1996, I for one am sick of explaining myself.

I’m really glad for all of my classmates who seamlessly transitioned into college at eighteen, spent four cookie-cutter perfect years at a Big-Ten University studying Kant before painting their faces for the big game, and balancing equations in between toga parties. I’m happy that they found such equilibrium between academia and Greek life and that the campus bubble provided for them a…

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