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Is the Millennial Generation Truly a Danger to Society?

“But that’s just it, individuals of older generations don’t understand that it is not the pain that this generation is running from, it’s from the inability to feel. This “immortal silence.” They believe the generation is simply a “bad seed.””

Just a Second More

We live in a Millennial society. Everyone was so worried about the Y2K scare that no one worried about the youth coming from this new era.

Just look at the opening for FX’s show, American Horror Story: Coven (Season 3). One of the main characters, Madison Montgomery (played by Emma Roberts) voices this concern saying, “They call us the the global generation. We are known for our entitlement and narcissism.” She then goes onto say how she did anything to not feel.

This is the first time “feeling” has been a problem for youths. Ask your grandparents if when they were growing up any of their friends ever contemplated suicide. Today, it is estimated that the proportion of deaths resulting from suicide amongst teenagers is nine times the proportion for adults, according to a study by NAMI.

Why are so many young people not satisfied with their lives?

Many researches believe…

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