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Five Easy Spanish Tapas Recipes

This looks fantastic.

Amsterdam and Beyond

Last Valentine’s Day B gave me a homemade coupon booklet. It contained numerous vouchers – one for a weekend off of cleaning the house, another for a free meal at our favorite greasy Chinese food spot, and so on. This sounds cute and romantic, which to some extent it was, but B got all creative and added his own terms and conditions to each card. I won’t go into the raunchy details, but let’s just say it’s been a year and I’ve only cashed in on one of the coupons.

However, this past weekend I noticed that the vouchers had an expiration date (. . . only B), so in two week’s time, they would be null and void. So despite B’s somewhat disagreeable terms and conditions, I decided to cash in on one more voucher before they expired. And the most delicious looking voucher of the bunch was ‘La…

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