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6 Things We Need To Stop Obsessing Over

Thought Catalog

mitramirae/ (Flickr Creative Commons) mitramirae/ (Flickr Creative Commons)

1. Stop obsessing over people who do not obsess over you.

The texts you didn’t receive back. The calls you never got. I’ve been there and I’ve heard it over and over again. Most of the time we’re not going to figure out why someone didn’t call after what we thought was an almost perfect date, and most likely it’s going to happen more than once. That doesn’t mean we should stop putting ourselves out there. It means we should stop obsessing and hanging onto every word someone says. We need to transfer all of the energy that we spend obsessing over people who don’t care for us onto our goals, onto our passions, and onto things that make us feel empowered all on our own. Too often we feel validated by relationships or the amount of people who want to date us…

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