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How the Viral Hemorrhagic Fever Stole Christmas

Pieter Baker

A few days back, President Ernest Bai Koroma released a statement announcing that Christmas and all holiday celebrations will be cancelled this year. Cancelled. Banned. Outlawed. Over. This applies to New Year’s as well (does this mean Sierra Leoneans will age slower than everyone else because 2015 new year’s was cancelled? Do I get another shot at fulfilling last year’s resolutions?). Some have criticized the mandate but you have to admit that, given the nature and scope of this outbreak, extreme measures must be taken to decrease Ebola transmission in the community. Keep in mind that Ebola, not the President, is the Grinch in this contrived metaphor. By tonight, Christmas Eve, Ebola will have infected over 10,000 Sierra Leoneans, killed about 3,000 and orphaned well over 8,000 children in Sierra Leone. (And here is an insider scoop, don’t tell anybody ok? Just between you and me. We have done some…

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