Conversations I Wish I Had


“Never lose your childlike wonder. Those stars in your eyes will take you to big, beautiful places.”

infinite satori

Play me first.


I’ve written this from many different places, fragments of time that is now memories embedded into words. As I write this sentence I’m in a Cambodian island called Koh Rong. It is Christmas day and I’m sitting on a table at a wooden restaurant just a few steps away from the sea. Music is playing in my ears, diluting the noises, laughter, and voices all around me. The girls are still in the bungalow, still asleep from a long night of celebrating and dancing. Fragments of the past two months continue to run through me. Plane rides, boat rides, overnight buses, scooter rides, tuk tuks, hundreds of faces, places, memories, things, emotions, swirling all around my head. The days are dense. Memories are full.

I’m playing back this film of memories in my head. Some are playing fast forward. Some in slow motion. Some I want to share…

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