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Self Love: A Cure for the Commitmentphobes

Confessions of a Recovering Ms. Emotionally Unavailable


This post was inspired by a share from a beautiful soul who recently ran across my blog.   It reminded me about why I started this blog: to recover from being emotionally unavailable so that I could no longer continue to attract and date those that are emotionally unavailable and who would consequently only break my heart. In the years since I’ve started this blog I’ve come to realize quite a lot about myself, these type of relationships and what’s underneath them: fear. I’ve also learned that while you can’t seem to stop these type from approaching (they usually play the games of odds), you can definitely spot them coming a mile away when you know what to look for. Once they realize they can’t bullshit you they split faster than you can say boo. As a result needless to say I’ve been single for quite some time, but I’ve also…

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