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When You’re The Girl Who Loves Too Much

“I used to question if all of this just meant I am addicted to sadness; to the pain and suffering of false hope, and certain heartbreak. I have questioned myself time and time and again, and yet I found the answer to be no. […] But this love is what keeps me sane in this maddening world; this love is all I have, and it is all that I have to live for. This love is who I am. And loving me, if that ever comes to pass, will mean loving this kind of love too.”

Thought Catalog

I have always been the one who cares more, in a world that concerns itself with such labels. I think it is simply my lot in life to love people who can’t love me back. At least not in the way I love them. And I have never been able to give my heart to those who wanted me more than I wanted them. Perhaps it is a curse. I have never known the blessing of mutual love, and it would seem I am always and only destined for heartbreak.

To me, love is the essence of life. I crave it at dawn. I get lost in its thoughts and wonders during the day. And by dusk, it leaves me feeling wretched if I have not experienced it. I have never not been in love; I do not know how to be without it. And I fall in love way too…

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