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Lab Myths: Do You Know Why You Do Things?


Do you ever wonder how many of the things we commonly do in the lab are based on verifiable, objective data? A good way to discover the practices that I call lab myths is to teach laboratory medicine. Any student worth his or her salt will ask you why you perform tasks a certain way, and occasionally you will be unable to locate a good reason. Examples of this type of common practice abound and the following paragraphs mention a few.

Why do you wipe away the first drop of blood from a finger or heelstick for most uses? Everyone knows wiping away the first drop is the correct way to do a capillary collection, because the first drop of blood is contaminated with disinfectant and/or tissue fluid or tissue, etc. That only makes sense. Okay. My question for you is this: where’s the data that proves that? Has anyone…

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