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How To Be Vulnerable

“Going isn’t the scary part. It’s the being left behind that makes you feel so vulnerable. It’s being left behind with an empty space in your heart that’s so painful and gut-wrenching.

Being vulnerable means putting yourself out there – to be judged or critiqued or observed or talked about or laughed at. But most of all, being vulnerable means opening yourself up to the risk of being hurt.”

Thought Catalog

Accept that people you love are going to leave you. Sometimes intentionally. Sometimes unintentionally. Accepting it doesn’t mean you’re not terrified at the very idea. It just means you’d rather love them and lose them and let your heart be torn out, as opposed to never knowing them at all.

Sometimes we love people romantically and they don’t love us back. Sometimes we love people romantically and they do love us back, and it’s even more terrifying than if they didn’t. Because now your love has a chance to grow and flourish and become even stronger. Which means it’ll only hurt that much more if you lose them.

Often we love parents and grandparents and siblings and mentors and teachers and friends, and they have to leave us too, to go onto another place that we don’t quite understand yet. A place we will never be able to comprehend or…

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