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Gone with the Wind

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“Oh, you’re smart enough about dollars and cents. That’s a man’s way of being smart. But you aren’t smart at all like a woman. You aren’t a speck smart about folks.” (Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell)

Gone with the wind coverI assumed I’d enjoy Gone with the Wind for its writing, its atmosphere, for all of the good things that people talk about when they mention this mid-century classic. I did not expect to like Scarlett. I certainly did not expect to be able to relate to her in a way I seldom am able to relate to female protagonists. Though she doesn’t stop much to analyze her own feelings, in one passage Scarlett admits to herself that she’s lonely. I can’t get that admission out of my head. When has a strong female protagonist ever admitted that she’s lonely? Almost always, strong female characters are either incredibly popular with other…

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