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Myths of Being Human

What can you do with anthropology?

When it comes to human nature, there is often a definition that includes nature and nurture. Humans also tend to create and form ideas about what is natural and acceptable in terms of being human. In the article “Busting Myths of Human Nature” by Agustín Fuentes, he says that we need to “look beyond popular assumptions, which are often influenced by some misrepresentations of science, and our own, often limited, life experiences”.

The idea of nature versus nurture really obscures our view of the reasons why people do what they do and why they behave a certain way. However, we need to look for facts of what is true, instead of looking for what we expect to find, in terms of human nature.

In terms of myths about human nature, Fuentes names three: Race, Aggression, and Sex. The race myth says that there are distinct different races (black…

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