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Hurt Feelings Be Damned, Honesty Is Worth It

Thought Catalog

James NordJames Nord

When people ask us what the most important trait is that we look for in a friend or a significant other, we often say honesty. We say that we want people to be honest with us because we want to feel like we can trust them. We put so much emphasis on honesty, ironically, but rarely seem to be completely honest ourselves. Sometimes I think we don’t actually want honesty – we’re fine with all the sugar coating and white lies because then we don’t have to be completely honest with ourselves, either.

This is wrong. We should always want complete honesty, at all times, even if it’s hard. I promise you, honesty makes things easier in the long run.

How many times has a miscommunication occurred between you and someone else because you didn’t say exactly how you were feeling? We wrap what we mean to…

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