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How the Recent Outbreak of Ebola Might Have been Prevented

What can you do with anthropology?

In class, we discussed how Hurricane Katrina was a disaster, but that it was not “natural”. It was not natural, because it could have been prevented by the government. Also, certain groups of people were affected by Katrina because of the unequal access to resources. Similar to this, the Ebola outbreak that has currently swept the headlines could have possibly been prevented.

In the article “Ebola 2014. Chronicle of a Well-Prepared Disaster” by Guillaume Lachenal, the Ebola outbreak is compared to a disaster movie. Guillaume wrote, “[the Ebola crisis] is also not an organisational, financial and political “challenge” for the international community and humanitarian workers. Quite the opposite: the Ebola crisis is the result of two decades of political choices and actions. It is a disaster, well-prepared not only by the systematic undermining of African health-care systems by neoliberal reforms, but also by the strong mobilisation of public and…

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