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The 9 People You Become While Trying To Write A Paper

Thought Catalog

The philosopher. You’re ready to start this paper, and you’re ready to be smarter once you’ve finished it. You feel inspired and tenacious. You are ready to learn. You want to think about the deeper meanings in the subject you’ve been assigned, and you want this paper to be so brilliant and eye-opening that it makes your professor weep.

The emotional wreck. You’ve been at it for 5 minutes and you already hate yourself. You can’t do this. This is going to take you forever! Why did you put this off for so long? Why did you choose this major? Why are you even in college? You start freaking out and telling yourself you suck at everything. You try to keep typing along, but it feels hopeless. You have a quick panic attack, followed by a brief inner monologue where you consider dropping out of school right now…

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