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“Patient at Heart. Science at Hand.” The New Medical Curriculum Comes to Surgery

A Monthly Digest of News and Hot Topics on Surgical Education

by Sebastian Demyttenaere, MD

TCP Surgery Director

In September 2013, the Faculty of Medicine initiated the New MDCM Curriculum. Affectionately coined as  having the “Patient at Heart and Science in Hand”, the curriculum recognizes the importance of family medicine in addressing current societal needs, while simultaneously providing a program that is firmly rooted in science. There is an emphasis on interdisciplinary learning, early patient and clinical exposure and a longitudinal experience of cross cutting themes over the duration of the curriculum.   This first cohort will start the Surgery component in January 2015.  The Transition to Clinical Practice (TCP) Surgery course replaces the old ICM, or Introduction to Clinical Medicine.  As you may recall, in the old curriculum 2nd year medical students rotating through Surgery would be assigned to a specific surgeon who would serve as their “tutor” for a three-week period. Physicians from all four teaching sites…

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