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Ferguson and Privilege

What can you do with anthropology?

It is difficult to visit any kind of a news website these days without seeing articles about the recent events in Ferguson, Missouri. When Michael Brown (an unarmed, black teenager) was shot by Darren Wilson (a white police officer), it sent shock-waves throughout the United States. Many believed that this was an issue of police brutality, just one example out of many past cases that proved that American police officers were abusing their authority. People were (and still are) outraged that such a horrible crime could occur, and then go unpunished. What everyone should recognize though, is that the shooting of Michael Brown provides an example of privilege and how it effects minorities in our country today.

The involvement of privilege in the case of Michael Brown’s shooting is pointed out by an anthropologist in Carole McGranahan’s article. This is not something that I, personally, had considered before. Michael Brown…

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