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Better Late Than Never: The West Wing

The Satellite Show

As I write this I’m wrapping up the final episode of a whirlwind of Netflixing the entire 150+ episode run of NBC’s The West Wing in about a month. I’d never seen more than a handful of episodes of  Aaron Sorkin’s White House drama, as it aired in the early-to-mid-2000s, when I was in college and grad school and had things on my mind other than making time for an adult serial drama.

The West Wing is fascinating to watch for a panoply of reasons from the artistic to the political to the sociological to the historical. It is a very good show, perhaps the best network drama to date and definitely the last great non-procedural prime time network drama. It is also its position as a network drama at the tail end of the last Golden Age of Broadcast Television that hampers it and prevents it from reaching the…

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