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Why I Can’t Stay Friends With The Girl Who Broke My Heart

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I’m not exactly what people would describe as a touchy-feely type of guy, and you know that. I’m six foot, one-hundred and ninety-five pounds, U.S. Army veteran, and work more or less as a ‘logger’ for lack of better explanation. In short, I’m pretty tough. But you know that, too. I don’t hold grudges long, I’m usually over any conflict before it starts, and this you know too. But recently you came to me to ask why we could not be friends after our breakup, after a year from the end of our relationship. It’s unlike me, I know, and you know, to be this stubborn.

I couldn’t put it into words then, I could only be stoic, stand-offish, and offensive. Wasn’t the best approach now that I think about it, but here’s why I don’t want to be friends with the girl that broke my heart.

I’ve broken hearts…

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