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Me, Myself, and my Ego

What can you do with anthropology?

Me, Myself, and my Ego

The article “Dealing with Inflated Egos” by Ty Matejowsky and Beatriz Reyes-Foster, discusses the problems that can arise when people think too much of themselves and get into trouble with others. While I thought this article would focus more on the ego, it took it one step further to what I can interpret as everyday and structural violence within the power relations of students and professors.

The article talks about how field schools can become places of bad memories because teachers take their power and use it badly. Their inflated egos allow them to believe they have a right to do things like “demanding lead authorship on original work you have done without actually having written anything.” This reminds me of structural violence that we have discussed many times in class. It is a chronic problem that can arise when people of higher power misuse…

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