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Emotions: not as scary as you think!

Love, unconditional...

I used to avoid certain emotions… I think we all do! Society says that you shouldn’t feel anger or sadness, so we are taught very early on in life that we need to suppress these emotions. We even avoid love, thinking it will hurt us!!

But it doesn’t work. You can ignore and block all you like, but one day they will all come to the surface and play havoc with your life.

They certainly do this when you meet a soul connection… And meeting that special person is a great opportunity to learn how to properly deal with emotions and stay balanced. In fact, it is essential if you want to stop all the crazy energetic push-pull that goes on between you!

I used to avoid sadness, anger etc… But after I was taught how to balance feelings properly, I now don’t need to avoid any emotions! Now I…

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