Conversations I Wish I Had


Love, unconditional...

When the love of my life had run from me, not because he didn’t love me but because he loved me so much it scared him to death, I went on a search for answers. What was happening to me?? I had met this guy who had changed my life, and he felt exactly the same way… but he ran away??

Like most people who have been through such an intense soul connection, you go through a phase where you look for validation and reassurance. You are desperate for reassurance that he will change his mind and come back… You develop a theory about what has been going on, and you desperately search for other people with the same theories, who will then validate yours… But after weeks, months, or even years of this ‘cherry-picking’ of information (take on board the stuff that reassures/validates/makes you feel better and discard the…

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