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Anthropology, the environment and development

What can you do with anthropology?

Today’s environment is constantly changing due to climate change and developing more buildings on local land.

From the anthropological perspective according to authors, Elizabeth Croll and David Parkin, who wrote Bush Base, Forest Farm: Culture, Environment, and Development, local people’s knowledge and use of the surrounding environment through language is broken by change of the cultural and physical environment. Therefore, the traditional skills of these people living locally and depending on the survival of the environment are practically gone. For example, for the native tribes living in the Amazon, they depend on the medicinal qualities of the plants to help heal any illnesses/diseases. So, if the Amazon trees are getting cut, then these plants are being destroyed, causing culture loss and diversity for the people living there. To prevent this, organizations are allowing local populations to fully share in the available power and be permitted uncontrolled access to their own…

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