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9 Things I Learned While My Flight Was Delayed

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This Thanksgiving, my flight was delayed as a result of snowpocalypse. During my idle time, I eavesdropped on a number of conversations and examined the behavior of those around me as any writer would.

1. Stay calm.

Getting angry will not help you get home faster; if anything, it is exhausting and will slow down time. Choose to be calm. As an anxious person myself I recognize how irritating this advice may be, since you don’t always have control over your emotions. Recognize the issues that are under your control and the ones that are not. Change what you can, and deal with everything else.

2. Be nice to people who have to work on the holiday.

Although you may be disappointed that you will not have as much time with your family, realize that those who work in public transit—or in any establishment…

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