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Trapped in bitter sweet 26th

Ready Set Globe

sunAh, being 26. That turning point in life when you feel your next choice will define the rest of your life. At 21 I thought that by my 26th would have it all figured out. Because at 21 I could still make mistakes that I would have time to fix. I though that by 26 I would have a house, a car, a kick ass job, money to travel, maturity and my other equally weird half by my side to love me unconditionally. I thought 26 were the solidly mature times when things just come together magically, because that’s just the way it is. But I am nowhere close to this and seems like my age group struggles with accepting the same. Today, I see my 30-year-old self as I saw myself 5 years ago today, but something tells me I still wont be there. Now all I…

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