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Journey into my Mind

I also did the vipassana meditation and I know just how not quiet my mind was during that time. It was a very life-altering experience. I think I’m preparing for retreat # 2.


I never thought I would be the kind of person I imagined I could be.  When I think of my ideal version of me I think of a warrior of love. I picture myself like one of those zen people who just smile as you frantically explain everything thats wrong in your life. They just nod and smile slightly completely at peace, filled with compassion, and what you’re filled with is an overwhelming urge to kick them in the shin just to get a reaction. I imagine a version of me that didn’t get upset when there are dishes left in the sink for 2 weeks, or the trash doesn’t get taken out for a month.  Because after all those are little things, and ideal me wouldn’t bother with such little things!  Ideal me would do yoga and meditate, would find inner peace and help those in need.

Over the past year, without…

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