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Forensic Science in Crime solving

What can you do with anthropology?

On television, I like to watch shows about solving crimes with forensic science such as CSI or Bones. I personally don’t want to be in that field, dealing with blood and dead bodies, but I find it fascinating how forensic scientists use similar methods from anthropology to follow the evidence and solve the crime in the end.

Authors, Joe Nickell and John F. Fischer, on their book Crime Science Methods of Forensic Science, write about how scientists use different strategies in order to find a killer either guilty or innocent of the crime. One way is by documentation. Documentation involves taking numerous photographs of the scene, sketching the crime scene, and jotting down important notes. This is very similar to the way ethnography works in anthropology in which an anthropologist observes by participant observation in a culture and also takes notes.

Looking at physical space, the size of the crime…

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