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Carbo-loading for the StairMaster

Feed Me, Florence!

One of the places on my bucket list for places to visit in Italy was Cinque Terre (the Italian pronunciation is kind of like cheen-kweh ter-reh). A study-abroad Instagram staple, Cinque Terre is a collection of five tiny, colorful towns nestled into seaside cliffs on the northwest coast Italy. There are several hiking trails that link the cities and range in difficulty from a flat, paved stroll to a “StairMaster on its highest setting.” That’s what a couple from San Francisco told us. I imagine they have some experience with hills. They told us that we’d be better off just taking the train from city to city. However, we were there to hike. But of course, going with the luck I’ve had all semester, the easy trails were closed when we went this past Saturday. So I got some exercise for the first time all semester.

I'd probably be less impressed if I were in shape I’d probably be less impressed if I were in shape

It was definitely…

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