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Your Boredom Is Masking Your Anxiety

Yep. Reminds me of that 10 days meditation retreat I did last Spring…

Thought Catalog

Hello Interwebs, it’s good to see you again. Forgive me addressing you directly, but this article requires a different tone. Even though most of it’s just a reflection on the topic of boredom, this article includes a genuine investigation into my own mind and I have no idea what that’ll mean to you. See you on the other side – for better or worse.

After reading Brianna Wiest’s article on the importance of stillness in our lives, I found myself reflecting on how hard it is just to sit and do nothing. And I mean actually nothing. Not dozing, not reading, not meditating, not listening to music, not going for a drive – actually nothing. Just sitting, alone with our thoughts and feelings.

Honestly, the thought that comes to mind is, “that sounds really boring.” And when I remember those times when I’ve had nothing to do (or don’t…

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