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Candied Ginger


Kaki, wow, November.  November happened.  And now it’s almost over!  It’s almost the holidays already!

Needless to say I am not fully prepared for this.  We’re going up to my aunt and uncle’s place in Dallas for the big Turkey Day meal, but so far I am stumped on what to bring.  Some kind of before dinner snack?  I made these gingered almonds recently, that might work.

I may also bring some candied ginger I made last week, since it’s a good after-dinner-mint substitute.  Or it’s good dropped into a hot cup of tea.  Or just as a little sweet and spicy snack whenever.  Apparently I’ve been on a ginger kick!

Candied ginger takes a while to make, but I like to make it on a nice cold day when standing over a hot stove will be welcome.  Don’t let the candy-making process put you off, it’s really easy!  There are…

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