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Barbie Girl

What can you do with anthropology?


For quite sometime now there has been much controversy over Barbie toys and how these dolls give girls unrealistic expectation’s of what their bodies are supposed to look like. Since this controversy has begun there have been attempts to make dolls with more “realistic” body dimensions. Some say that this is to help girls feel better about their bodies and not constantly be comparing themselves to a doll that ultimately would be anorexic in real life with disproportionate body sizes. However, it is argued in the article that these dolls will not last and will not solve any of our problems.

When I was younger I had many Barbie dolls and I don’t think I ever once compared barbie’s body to my own. I used them just for imaginative play. So, what might this mean for our culture. The article suggests that Barbie is not the problem but the unrealistic…

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